Applied Data

Comprehending the ocean of data within CIOOS could take many lifetimes. These are a few examples of how ocean data is applied to existing societal issues. 

Going Deep: The Perils and Promise of Long Science

From the deep ocean to the atmosphere, long-term research is key to understanding Earth’s complex systems. But to keep these studies going, scientists often have to swim against the current.

A Fever on Canada's Pacific Coast

The fall of 2013 was eerily calm in the Northeast Pacific. What followed was an “astonishing event”, unlike anything seen before. Read how scientists discovered and monitored the unprecedented marine heatwave, a.k.a. ‘The Blob’, as it grew and lingered in the coastal ecosystem of British Columbia.

NE Pacific Marine Heatwave Monitor

Ocean conditions offshore have a very real effect on weather in western North America. Evaluate current conditions and those of the past and draw connections between ocean weather and what you experience in your town. 

Strait of Georgia Currents

These waters are important and dynamic. They support the largest port in Canada and allow millions of passengers travelling to destinations near and far a platform from which to spy the region’s famous killer whales. For these vessels to arrive safely, captains need to consider the strong currents in the region.