Current Conditions in Baynes Sound



Calcite Saturation

Recent History

Disclaimer: Biological stress in adult oysters is an active area of research and ongoing experiments will likely improve our understanding. CIOOS Pacific is not responsible for decisions that lead to product fatality. 

Baynes Sound Shellfish Aquaculture

Shellfish produced here are shipped far and wide, but the industry is facing challenges from ocean acidification caused by climate change. Acidified waters dissolve shells and conditions may prove fatal if they persist for extended periods of time. That is why the British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association purchased the Burke-o-Lator and has partnered with the Hakai Institute and Ocean Networks Canada to better understand the hourly to interannual shifts that occur within these productive waters. With more data, it is hoped that all producers will have the information they need to make the best decisions for their harvest.  

Real-Time Observations

Temperature, salinity, and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide are measured every second (1 Hz) using a calibrated Burke-o-Lator system at Fanny Bay Oysters. Conditions are near real time when the instrument is online and colour-coded relative to conservative biological thresholds for the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas). Data is reviewed for quality control every other month and updated in the database. Water is sampled from an intake at a depth of 6 metres below mean lower low water.


Fatal stressors of adult oysters are not well documented in the scientific literature, however some studies provide valuable insight. Importantly, the thresholds applied here do NOT factor in the duration or cumulative effects of repeat stress events. These thresholds will be updated as warranted.

This data application is currently under development with continued improvements planned in 2020. Please check back to see new features.